Werner Management Services e.U. is a consultancy with a clear focus on Innovation Management. We provide innovation related management services.


Innovation is a core success factor (among a few others). However, innovation targets the future and future is unknown by its nature. It is a major challenge to identify what innovation will fit best, and what innovation will provide substantial success. To drive a successful innovation portfolio needs expertise and experience, both in content and in processes.


That’s where Werner Management Services offers a helping hand: Implementing or improving successful and tailor made systematics into the innovation process, unchaining the flow of valuable ideas, and implementing related guiding processes to achieve balanced senior and self innovation guidance to the point.

In addition we are prepared to bridge missing expertise in communication and controls (including IoT) if required, both as reporting external experts, as team challengers or workshop organisers that support the process to come to a sound conclusion.

We consider “providing IoT expertise” as a specific actual need to prepare a business for the upcoming IoT challenges: Decisions on how and when to tackle IoT needs substantial technology input, that is quite often not yet available.


Innovation provides future to business. On the other hand innovation is a severe challenge to any organisation, it is hard work and provides no guarantees. On top of that tackling new chances will always need some knowledge that is not yet available. Our support for this process is your success.